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Visual Monitoring

The Company D.S. FOKUS has many years of experience in technical property protection. Thanks to the qualifications and contacts, we can offer you the professional security systems of the property. 

Our offer will allow you to find many technical solutions that allow to reduce the risk of theft. 

We have dealt with a comprehensive  consultancy, design, installation and maintenance of systems:

Signaling of burglary and robbery

The alarm systems we offer are equipped with the most innovative equipment from reputable companies such as: SATEL, DSC, GALAXY, CROW, PARADOX. 

This equipment has the required approvals allowing for its use in the facilities of different safety class. In our alarm systems we use microprocessor control panels, radio transmitters, GPS / GPRS transmitters, as well as all kinds of detectors and detection devices.

Our offer includes wired and wireless alarm systems.

Closed- circuit cameras

This system is widely used in the 24-hour supervision of a variety of facilities - large companies, banks, residential houses, shops. The system includes: digital recorders, fixed industrial cameras (black and white, color, day-night), rotary cameras, mega pixel cameras, IP technology systems. 

Closed-circuit cameras that we offer can be wired (coaxial cable, twisted pair, fibre) or wireless.

The systems we install give our clients a possibility to view the facilities locally on the monitor and remotely via LAN and the Internet.

Access Control

The purpose of this system is to verify and limit unauthorized access to premises or zones selected by the Client. Authorized  persons have identification cards, individual code or are subject to verification based on biometric data (fingerprint readers, retina).

Control and supervision of work

The system allows for the supervision of the work of persons obliged to stay at designated places in a certain time (guard, housekeeper, escort driver of the Post Office, etc.). Our company uses control systems such as “SEVEN GUARD”, “GUARD”, “ACTIVE GUARD”.

Services implemented in the framework of visual monitoring:
  • design of the visual monitoring, including the type, number of cameras and their location;
  • going on an on-site visit to the facility to be included in the surveillance system;
  • making an investment cost estimate;
  • purchase of equipment necessary for installation;
  • installation of visual monitoring system in the facility;
  • verification of the correctness of the system;
  • service and maintenance of the system;
  • modernization and expansion of existing systems.