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Protection of mass events

Since the beginning of our business operations, we have been specialized in the protection of  mass events ranging from intimate VIP zones, corporate events, occasional events to the biggest festivals in Poland for 100,000 participants. We have been succeeded in the protection of football matches, concerts of popular artists, many urban events and sports competitions.

We have provided our Clients with comprehensive security of each event.

We offer: 
  • consultation in the scope of organization of a particular event; 
  • preparation of a security plan for a mass event; 
  • preparation of instructions in case of fire or other local danger at the place and during a mass event; 
  • obtaining permission to organize a mass event; 
  • pomoc organizatorom w tworzeniu potrzebnej dokumentacji; 
  • zabezpieczenie medyczne; 
  • zabezpieczenie przeciwpo┼╝arowe; 
  • assistance in the preparation of required documentation; 
  • medical protection; 
  • fire protection;
  • renting of all types of prohibitive fences;
  • mobile monitoring;
  • protection of the event.