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Physical protection

Stationary physical protection is the protection of the facility and the adjacent land by security guards, assisted by electronic alarm systems, access control, and CCTV monitoring as well.

In addition, in the event of danger to a protected facility, we provide emergency patrol support.

Activities carried out under stationary protection of the facilities are highly effective thanks to:

  •          preparation of the facility protection plan and the security regulations together with the principal;
  •          ensuring the periodic inspections of the security team by designated inspectors;
  •          control of security personnel through an electronic work control system that registers the performer rounds;
  •          implementation of the local radio communication system and 24-hour communication with the Duty Monitoring Center of D.S. FOKUS;
  •          support for employees who provide stationary protection with motorized intervention patrols;
  •          supplementation of physical protection with electronic alarm systems ochrony fizycznej o elektroniczne systemy alarmowe;
  •          rapid response of employees and rapid exchange of information with the Police in crisis situations;
  •          constant improvement of qualifications of the security personnel through periodic training at the Constant Education Unit of the Persons and                                                                                Property Protection Agency of D.S. FOKUS Sp. z o.o.